Creative Art Direction / Photography / Design / Curriculum Development / Production Management / Artist-in-residence



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Every student has a voice
Every event has a story
Every school has a legacy

Brookville Publications, nicknamed BPubs, was a storytelling project to build community and empower students. This was the motivating idea: if students could learn to tell other people’s stories with genuine curiosity and interest, they would be better equipped to tell (and live) their own story. Additionally, research predicted academic improvement as well.
A project-based curriculum was built around communication skills like interviewing, photography, writing, design, Adobe software, etc. and paired with real-world challenges like leading a peer group and creating authentic content for an actual audience. With a focus on mindful intention, students also grew in empathy, resilience, leadership, confidence and civic engagement.  
During its seven year span, the program was consistently ranked as one of the top scholastic journalism programs in the United States by Columbia Scholastic Press Association(CSPA) and National Scholastic Press Association(NSPA)

  served as home base for engaging with the community,
recruiting new talent, communicating with sponsors and
also featured student work to highlight
outstanding effort. 


View some of the
editorial work here.



“I learned how to be an effective leader. I learned patience, time management and how to communicate, making it easy to build relationships with those who became great resources in my career.” Ashley Clark

“Entering college, I found myself more prepared than many of my peers. BPubs put me ahead in college as I already knew how to speak up and be confident in the ideas I bring to the table.” Erika Esterline