the artist

Brett Hastie is a multidisciplinary artist and
creative leader with a background in editorial and
brand storytelling working to build engaging, performance-
minded visual narratives for print and digital.


the work

* Visual Storytelling * Creative Strategy
Photography * Design * Creative Art Direction  
* Branding * Content * Copy * Performance


the art

Inspired by analog print and photography methods,
Brett’s work blends artistic and documentary perspectives,
while exploring the concept of communication art
as artifact——evidence of the ephemeral. 


Brookville Publications

Brett created Brookville Publications, an original publishing
project, to elevate student voices and provide real-world
experiences for aspiring storytellers. The program grew to be
a nationally recognized and awarded program known for
journalistic storytelling and leadership development.

Read more about the project here


︎ with Very Private Gallery ︎︎︎ Storytelling for Young Artists

︎ with Yearbook Whys Podcast ︎︎︎ Scholastic Publication teams at CSPA